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Greenhill Wagyu

Our flagship brand, The Greenhill Wagyu brand is well known for its select premium wagyu beef offerings – ensuring customers are satisfied with the suitability and eating quality of the produce.


We have been renowned for the highest quality F1 marbled Wagyu beef, sourced from some of Australia’s finest Wagyu herds. Our Beef is grown in the lush pastures of the Pilbara, Gascoyne, Esperance, Avon Valley, Albany, and Margaret River regions of Western Australia. Rolling green hills, clean fresh country air, and following streams combine to create the ideal environment for producing succulent Australian beef. Delivering a rich, soft and delicate Wagyu beef taste.


All cuts are packaged into our Premium Wagyu Beef cartons and sent via cold storage to be packed into shipping containers ready for transport overseas.


We believe there’s no better place on earth to raise beef. Australian beef has the ‘natural advantage’. We proudly share our best product for the rest of the world to enjoy in their own way.

Margaret River Fresh

One of the secrets to great beef lies in the environment from which it comes. Margaret River Fresh beef is raised in the world’s perfect environment: where unique natural elements combine to create lush green pastures on the rich, red loamy soils of the Karri Forest. Margaret River Fresh beef has a “natural advantage” over other meat producers. Our cattle are free-range pasture and or grain fed. Cattle roam freely, grazing upon grass paddocks in a serene and stress-free environment that allows them to grow naturally to their ideal weight.

To ensure shelf life and maintain the premium tenderness, juiciness and flavour that define the eating quality of our product, all cattle are backgrounded and processed under AUS-MEAT’s stringent specifications. This enables the beef to be marketed as grain-fed

Our feeding programs are operational twelve months of the year and feeding regimes are strictly monitored with all animal’s rumen tested. This feeding regime, along with ageing the prime cuts, results in a more consistent product and ensures a succulent juicy steak. All of this serves to provide a truly a unique gastronomic experience making our products the perfect choice for restaurants, supermarkets or food services with requirements for premium eating beef portions.


Margaret River Fresh Beef is also independently graded by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and is available in the following categories:

Screenshot 2022-12-15 192009.png



Our 100% Certified Grass Fed Beef is known for its higher nutritional value whilst being significantly lower in fat. Grass fed animals such as Angus and Hereford breeds are sourced from hand selected products in the region and have the benefits of being Hormonal Growth Promotants (HGP) and antibiotic free.

The result is a superior and tender beef quality. As interest from people continues to heighten in knowing where the origins of their food comes from and how it is produced, the health benefits of raising animals on pasture and being grass fed is appealing. Meat from grass fed beef has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories. It also has more vitamin E, beta-carotene (a precursor of Vitamin A) and a number of health-promoting fats including omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (‘CLA’)*. Grass-fed cattle have a carcass fat which appears more yellow compared to the bright white fat of grain-fed beef. This colour is due to pigments from the grass and is associated with a healthier fatty acid profile and a higher content of antioxidants.

So, from now on, with Grass-fed beef you can enjoy your meal knowing that it is not only great for your health but that the cattle have had a happy life free to graze pasture and seek shelter the way nature has always intended.


Sourced from Western Australia’s best Euro British breeders, our cattle are grain-fed for 120 days to increase marbling. Our grain fed beef is graded to meet exacting Meat Standards Australia (MSA) conditions that measure the quality of the marbling, maturity, meat and fat colour which underpins the eating quality. MSA grading provides an eating experience that is predictably more consistent, delivering assurance to consumers of a quality product that is the perfect choice for restaurants, supermarkets, or food services requiring premium-quality beef.


Additionally, our 100 Day Grain-Fed Australian Beef is:

  • Produced from 100% hand selected cattle

  • Grain-fed for 100 Days

  • Marbled for flavour

  • Fed on high energy grain ration



  • Graded for taste & consistency

  • Aged for consistent tenderness

  • MSA accredited.



Angus is the most widespread and keenly sought after temperate beef breed in the world and is recognised for their ability to consistently produce the finest high quality beef. The Angus range is well known for its exceptional flavour and finely marbled texture. The superior marbling trait typically creates a more tender, juicy and flavourful meat experience.  We use only the world’s best genetics to breed quality, grain and or grass fed West Australian Beef cattle for the domestic and international markets Our Angus beef is also graded to meet exacting Meat Standards Australia (MSA) conditions.

Additionally, our Premium Australian Angus Beef is:

  • free of hormone growth promotants

  • produced from 100% Black Angus Cattle

  • marbled for flavour

  • fed on high energy rations


  • graded for taste & consistency • sourced from Margaret River region young cattle

  • wet-aged for consistent tenderness

  • fully MSA accredited.


As awareness of mindful meat eating grows, the demand for clean, green, eating beef is ever increasing. At Margaret River Fresh we produce premium, flavoursome, certified organic beef.  Our certified organic beef animals are fattened on natural, chemical-free pastures free from hormones, antibiotics, or feed containing unnatural, or genetically modified organisms.

Our fully accredited, world-class, state-of-the-art, metropolitan facilities, close to the transport hubs and infrastructure of Perth are certified and accredited to handle organic beef, and have certified handling programs in place.

The certification registration number is 6344P.


From growing, to transportation, to processing and production, our certified organic beef meets the required, stringent standards required for accreditation. We pride ourselves on the quality and flavour of our homegrown produce. From the farm to you our products are managed with respect and integrity to provide high-quality, memorable and clean green eating beef.

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